The company Nea has been producing bathroom furniture of high quality since 2006. All our furniture is a unique sinthesis of Beauty and Well-Being.

In 2012 the company underwent a corporate and business transformation. The word "Italia" was added to the brand that became "Nea Italia" in order to reinforce the design originality and the quality of the products ""100% Made in Italy"". The changes helped the company to expand its sales network and meet the new demands and trends of the industry.

Strict Quality Control, international Management Standards of materials’ supply and production processes are at all stages of production. All these factors together with the efficient and united team of professionals have made Nea Italia one of the real leaders in its field, a point of reference for the bathroom furniture industry in terms of Design and Quality.

A wide variety of materials used in our production lets our factory easily satisfy the refined taste of every client, offering elegant and functional solutions.

Particular attention to raw materials from the very beginning of choosing them for our production, deep experience and specific Know-How, as well as the use of modern Technologies in the treatment of different materials, such as wood, glass and solid surface, enable our factory produce exquisite furniture of long lasting High Quality and Functionality.

Presently Nea Italia produces not only bathroom furniture, but also baths and sinks from Corian, as well as shower enclosures and trays of very high quality.

The Design of our products is done by talented and experienced Italian industrial designers.

Apart from that, we also work at individual orders of customized furniture.

Our team considers bathroom products as something special: Trendy, Stylish, Sexy and Passionate, - that is all about NEA Italia today.

We make a fusion of styles, which differs NEA Italia from the others in the global market.